What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website’s address. When a website visitor types particular text, which sends him or her to your website. For example, when you type sewatech.com.np when you come to our website. When you type facebook.com, you reach Facebook which is a website.

The actual website address is numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address, for example, which is translated into human-friendly domain names with the help of DNS (Domain Name System).  This process is called DNS lookup.

How do I get a domain name?

Getting a domain is not difficult at all. Go to the domain hosting company’s website and purchase your website name from there. You can check whether the desired name for your website is available. You can also check whether the name is compatible with your budget. Try to get a catchy name for your company. At the same time, look for the cost that you should bear while hosting.

There are some leading hosting companies where you can get your domain name. Try out GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger.com, HostPapa, Network Solutions.

What kind of domain to choose for a website?

While choosing the domain name, you can pick one of the top-level domain extensions (TLD) that suits with nature of your company.

domain name


The most popular and common top-level domain extension is .com. More than 51 percent of the websites in the world have .com as its TLD. Any kind of commercial prefers to use it. Commercial websites prefer .com for credibility. When people think about the website, most of them think it ends in .com. They type often type .com when they search for a website. Having other domain extensions is, thus, not so good for commercial websites. For example, https://www.onlinekhabar.com


The nonprofit organizations use the URLs with an extension .org. For example, https://maitinepal.org. If you are a nonprofit NGO or INGO, then you should definitely go for this domain extension.


Most of us are already familiar with the .gov domain extension. Government agencies use such types of domain extensions. For example, https://www.moha.gov.np . It is an example of ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).


As the name suggests educational institutions use such URLs with a domain with extension. For example, https://www.harvard.edu/, https://tribhuvan-university.edu.np/


The URLs with the .net domain name extension stand for “network”. It was initially designed for the internet, networking, and email service providers. https://www.slideshare.net is an example of this kind of domain extension.


io is the ccTLD URL for the Indian Ocean region with an extension of .io.  It’s currently widely used by individuals and organizations related to gaming, technology, and startups all over the world.  For Example https://gleam.io

Domain Registration Practice in Nepal

If you are looking for ccTLD in Nepal, you can visit https://register.com.np/. You will get a domain with our country code .np. The ccTLD domain extension will be helpful for you in local SEO. When internet users from Nepal search for local services or products, it is likely to get found if you have a local website.

The ccTLD extension is the same as international practice. But the ccTLD in the context of Nepal comes with .np at the end. The best thing about ccTLD is it comes free of cost. The domain extensions and entry areas are as follow:

Domain ExtensionEntry Area
.com.np This domain extension is for a website that has a commercial purpose. e.g. https://sewatech.com.np/
.edu.np This domain extension is used by educational institutions. e.g. https://pu.edu.np/
.coop.npThis domain extension is for cooperatives. e.g. https://nmc.coop.np/
.gov.np The government agencies use such domain extension. e.g. https://www.dotm.gov.np/
This type of domain extension is used for informational purposes. The United Nations information center Kathmandu has used such domain extension. https://un.info.np/
Individual writers, bloggers, or reviewers can use this domain extension. This is an open ccTLD. Any person can register this domain extension.
.mil.npThis is for the military. Nepal army has used it. https://www.nepalarmy.mil.np/
This domain is for nonprofit organizations. CTEVT has used this type of domain extension. http://ctevt.org.np/

I hope this blog became helpful to you to know the basics of the domain and domain registration. You can go to the given links to see the examples as well. If you are still confused, please CONTACT US. We will guide you from the beginning.

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