Top 10 business directories in Nepal

Do you want to include your company’s information in business directories but find it time-consuming to search for them one by one? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten smooth business directories for you to peruse.

top ten directories in Nepal

How do you inform potential clients about your services and products?

What platforms do you use to find clients?

How many platforms do you use to boost the discoverability of your business?

Online marketing has grown fast in Nepal in recent years and is expected to continue to grow. All businesses cannot afford to spend a lot of money on advertising. Other methods exist for increasing the visibility and brand recognition of such businesses.

They are expected to focus on search engine optimization to improve their company’s internet presence too. 

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Why should you list your company in business directories?

There are a few advantages to listing your company in web directories. It enables you to establish a strong online presence, boosts local visibility, gives backlinks for search engine optimization, and raises brand awareness.

Makes ​your online presence strong

By registering your company profile, you gain a presence on other websites as well. The more directories you are listed in, the more likely it is that you will connect with possible consumers.

Having its profile published in every directory means you’ll be able to employ your keywords in more places. You can list your company using several keywords. This provides your company a strong online presence.

Increase visibility at a certain location.

Local location registration, such as street, city, and district, is available in several Nepalese directories. Specifying these addresses allows you to reach out to local customers. Listing a business in business directories is essential for enterprises that serve a specific geographic area.

Increase Brand Awareness of your products and services.

Your presence in the most well-known directories in Nepal will help to raise brand awareness for your organization, products, and services. If they use a certain key term to search for a specific service or product, your chances of appearing on their mobile or laptop screen are great. It strengthens your company’s brand.

Provide back-links for Search Engine Optimization of website

If you have a website, a Facebook page, or any other social media page, listing your business and including your website or other social media links counts as a backlink. You can increase the number of customers and clients who visit your website. When you direct visitors to your website, you have a whole page dedicated to informing them about your products and services.

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We have enough business directories in Nepal at present. In this blog, we have presented you with the top 10 business directories in Nepal that can help your business grow. Our evaluation is based on customer visits, SEO work, and UI experience.

Top 10 business directories in Nepal

1. Hamrobazaar

It is Nepal’s most popular free classified business directory. You’re very familiar with it. As of today, the website has over 65 thousand daily unique visitors and over 2 million monthly visitors.

It is simple to set up a business in Hamrobazaar. The registration button is clearly accessible in the top right corner of the main page. Create a business profile or simply log in if you are already a member. “Post a new ad” is located on the dashboard’s left side.

It provides a smooth and stable ride.

2. Yellowpages Nepal

As of the date of this article’s publication, Yellow Pages Nepal receives approximately 9.4K visitors and 37,467 page impressions per day. This directory website is mostly visited by people located in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Businesses from all over the world can register on this page.

Businesses are loving it as it is easy to register the business information. The process is very easy. You’ll find “List Business” on the top right corner of the home page. If you click on it, you will be asked to use your business information. While filling in your business information, you need to use a logo size compressor to minimize the size of the image.

You will also get a review section in the directory. Tell your customers and friends to write some nice things about it.

3. Reveal Nepal

Reveal Nepal is a Nepalese local business directory that is quickly growing. It was established in January 2018 with the intention of providing free services to Nepalese businesses seeking to establish a presence in the online market.

The primary purpose of Reveal Nepal is to uncover and discover Nepal’s hidden treasures.

Every day, the website receives roughly 10.4K visitors and 74,540 page impressions. It receives more than 300,000 visitors every month.

It includes listings for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, information technology organizations, schools, colleges, travel & tours, educational consultancies, manpower consultancies, and many other types of enterprises.

The “add listing” button in the upper right corner makes it easy for business owners to update their contact information. It also includes business hours, a FAQ, a company description, tags, and a featured image.

4. Directory of Nepal

Another rising directory website in Nepal that might help your business expand is Directory of Nepal. As of today’s date, it receives roughly 3 K visitors and 5,817 page impressions every day.

It registers firms in over 38 different categories. The “Submit your business” button is located in the middle of the navigation bar.

Fill out the firm name, category type, address, phone number, and a compressed logo.

5. Nepal Business Directory

It is a growing Nepalese business directory that provides quick access to important contact information for commercial reasons.

It comprises, among other things, travel and tourism, lodging, money, health, education, entertainment, and services.

Though its user interface is not as fluid as those of other directories, it is useful for providing a backlink to your website.

6. Bpazes

It provides a pleasant experience whether you wish to display your products or traverse the page. In Nepal, Bpazes is a growing goods directory.

It receives almost 31K, monthly visitors. It allows entrepreneurs to list their businesses, share ideas, collect funds and donate, and publicize upcoming events, workshops, and conferences.

7. Nepal Janta Review

Nepal. jantareview is a subdomain of that has directories in several nations across the world.

JantaReview is available in Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Morocco, as well as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.

8. Kathmandu Directory

KD is a dedicated internet business directory for Kathmandu-based companies. It includes around 75 categories to list and display to visitors. It is still in its infancy as a growing company directory.

Here you will find a range of company listings. You can list your company for free. A date converter and a Preeti to Unicode converter are also included in the directory. It is usually advantageous for Kathmandu-based firms to post their contact details on this page.

9. Inquirynepal

Through the Nepal business directory, it enables its customers to easily identify a local firm near them. Customers can also sort the list of businesses by most reviewed, highest rated, most seen, near me, pricing, open now, and best match.

It receives approximately 1,000 visitors per day. Customers can register businesses using a variety of paid and unpaid programs.

10. Nepalyp

In Nepal, it is a paid directory website. It claims to have registered 66,556 businesses to date. Among the categories are business services, computers, and the internet, entertainment and media, events and conferences, finance and insurance, food and drink, health and beauty, legal, manufacturing, shopping, tourism, accommodation, transportation and motoring, property, and public and social services.

The website receives around 3.1 million monthly visits.

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Finally, my real recommendation is that you add your company’s details to these directories. Please contact us if there is any doubt or difficulty in listing your business profile. We not only advertise your company, but we also assist you in developing and implementing other business policies.

Mark my word, we assist your company in improving its online presence, creating content, increasing visibility, creating brand awareness, improving discoverability, generating traffic, and increasing followers organically.