How much does website development cost in Nepal?

How much does website development in Nepal cost? When creating a website for his or her organization or business, everyone wants to know the cost of website design and development. This post satisfies your inquisitiveness.

how much website design cost in Nepal

How much does it cost to design a website in Nepal?

You may have already considered this question because you wish to create a website.

The cost of developing a website differs from company to company. Aside from that, the cost of custom web design and development is determined by the needs of the clients.

The sort of business determines the website’s requirements in large part. I’ve described the nature of the business, the website requirements, and the pricing in this section.

The cost of developing a business website in Nepal.

A business website, in simple terms, is designed and developed with the goal of displaying the organization’s services, highlighting the organization’s major activities, and interacting with its visitors.

Business websites include school websites, hotel and restaurant websites, shop websites, institute and consultancy websites, INGO and NGO websites, personal and portfolio websites, and websites for construction companies. Websites for real estate, clinics and hospitals, and educational institutions are all examples of business websites.

To present it in a list, these websites are business websites:

  1. Educational website
  2. school’s website
  3. The website of the college.
  4. Consultancy website
  5. The Tuition Center’s website
  6. language school’s website
  7. hotel and restaurant website.
  8. The Shop’s online store
  9. INGO and NGO’s websites
  10. Portfolio website
  11. construction company’s website
  12. Real estate websites
  13. Hospital’s website
  14. website of an entertainment establishment
  15. The travel agency’s website
  16. Local farms’ websites
  17. trading company’s website
  18. manufacturing company’s website
  19. Personal website

In Nepal, the cost of developing a business website ranges from $9,999 to 59,999. If you look at our price range for business website development, you will notice that it is divided into four categories. There are four types of websites: standard, business, creative, and super-featured.

Standard website

A standard website fulfills your need to present your presence on the internet. It is less than 6 pages in size. Small shops, writers, translators, public speakers, local farms, lawyers, and small construction companies pick this sort of website.

If you don’t want to interact much but simply want to give the basic information about your company, it might be suitable for you.

How much standard website cost in Nepal?

You will get a standard website for just Rs 9,999.

You will get it in around 10 days from the date of contract signing.

standard website features:

  1. Pages: 6
  2. Free domain: np
  3. 1 GB of hosting space
  4. Standard Chat Plug-in
  5. Slider on the home page
  6. Integration of Social Links
  7. Gallery module
  8. Integration of social ties
  9. responsive structure
  10. Control panel for security
  11. User-friendly navigation
  12. Integration with Google Maps
  13. Change the page’s content.
  14. Site map generation:
  15. Web training, 1 hour.

Business website

A business website is more interactive and visually appealing than a standard website. It is ideal for companies looking to establish a strong virtual presence. This type of website aids in the optimization of your search engine results.

How much business website cost in Nepal?

The business website costs Rs. 25,000.

This package includes approximately 15 pages on your website, 3 GB of hosting space, 2 design templates, a chat plug-in, social link integration, a Facebook widget, and a clean design structure for easy navigation.

The training for owners of business websites lasts two hours.

Creative Website

We pay close attention to the look and feel of our creative designs. The website’s premium design makes visitors feel like they’ve arrived at the right place.

How much creative website cost in Nepal?

Only Rs. 35,000 is required for creative website design and development.

You get 25 pages, 5 GB of hosting space, 2 design templates, standard chat plugins, a manage yourself option, and a Facebook widget with creative website design and development. On-demand, the bilingual or mega menu is provided to the website.

Super-featured website

This type of website contains more than 25 pages. It can be used by businesses that offer a variety of services. This type of website is appropriate for consulting firms, media outlets, and service-oriented businesses.

What is the cost of a super-featured website in Nepal?

The fully-featured website cost around Rs. 59,999.

It includes useful web features such as animation, a payment gateway, bilingualism, a mega menu subscription form, SEO, and an unlimited number of pages. This type of website requires 3 hours of web training.

website development cost in Nepal
Website development cost in Nepal with features

News portal website development cost in Nepal

The price of a news portal website varies according to its size. Sewa Tech offers two kinds of news portal websites: basic and premium.

What is the cost of a news portal website in Nepal?

A typical news portal website costs around Rs. 29,999 to build.

The premium website costs Rs. 60, 000. To rephrase, the cost of the news portal website ranges between Rs. 29,999 and 59,999. 

Listing website, Job board, directory website development price in Nepal

Depending on the requirements, job portals, property listing websites, business directories, and small shops and product-selling websites are the website of another category. They need Application Programming Interface (API) to make the website more functional 
What is the cost range in price from Rs. 39,,000 to 69,999.

These features are incorporated into the job portal:

Recruitment features

  1. HTML job postings
  2. Intuitive CV searching.
  3. Job application procedure that is adaptable
  4. Connect to Google Analytics
  5. Job application filtering questions
  6. Automated email alerts

Candidate features

  1. Intuitive job searching
  2. Automated job notifications
  3. Speedy Registration and Application Process
  4. Make a note of jobs.
  5. Share jobs via social media

Features that generate revenue

  1. Display of adaptable banner ads
  2. Featured Jobs

E-commerce website

What is the cost of an e-commerce website development in Nepal?

The cost of an e-commerce website ranges from Rs. 49,999 to Rs. 1,00,000. It depends on the requirements that your business needs. For Rs. 49,999, you can get an e-commerce website from us. The mobile app and POS can be added as needed.

The following image summarizes the website development cost in Nepal.

The website design is just like the weaving cloth. The developers focus on small details to make the whole body of the website look cool and functioning. The website development prices at Sewa Tech justify every penny that you pay. For any queries please contact us.