Best way to practice Digital Marketing in Nepal

In Nepal, digital marketing is a relatively new phenomenon. It is influencing market behavior. This post will explain what digital marketing is and what is the best way to practice digital marketing in Nepal. 


Before we head directly toward what digital marketing is, let’s have a short look at the scenario of traditional marketing in Nepal. Has it gone absolutely obsolete? Does it still fit in the Nepali market?

We call the use of billboards, taxi wraps, posters, prints in magazines and newspapers for brand awareness traditional marketing. It also includes broadcasting ads on radio and television.

This strategy has become traditional with the advent of internet-based channels. But still, traditional marketing is, to some degree, practiced in the Nepali market. Some practices like brochures and flyers are still widely used and they are sure to remain for some more time. Whereas other practices, for example, radio ad television ads are becoming less effective. It is due to the fact, fewer people are using these channels these days.

So, what makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

It’s the internet.


One uses physical channels to reach prospective consumers. The other, on the other hand, is using the internet. For example, the traditional approach uses window display, publishing ads in magazines and newspapers. The new approach, in contrast to the old one, is newly discovered channels where peoples’ engagement is high.

What’s wrong with traditional marketing then?  

It’s effectiveness. Fewer people use these traditional platforms. Billboard might still be used for brand awareness. But that too doesn’t do two-way communication with customers. Put simply, televisions and radios are getting obsolete.

People are shifting from passive platforms like radio and television to a more active internet world.

Research shows people in urban areas use the internet more than 4 hours a day. That is obviously more than watching television. As a result, businesses have started advertising on digital platforms rather than traditional channels.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the endorsement of products and services on Internet-based channels.

Advertisers use search engines, social media platforms, and other Internet-based channels to endorse their products or services. But why? Because more people are found in there.

In other words, it’s the process of making the use of different online marketing channels like social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), and websites and email to reach your target audience. 

Businesses can use these channels in two ways for the endorsement of the products or services.

Firstly, they can use marketing which requires basic skills and knowledge. We call it social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Secondly, they can run sponsored advertisements. All of the channels on the Internet allow businesses to advertise their products.

Having a company’s own website, blogs, SEO, and maintaining social media pages allows you to connect with the customers organically, but with a limited audience, whereas running pay-per-click ads and sponsored ads on search engines and social media enables you to reach the mass people. 

Scope of Digital Marketing for business in Nepal

Digital marketing in the business sector has only a short history in Nepal. But, it already looks promising.

Some businesses are already onto it. But, many are yet to join.

Nonetheless, the future of digital marketing is optimistic in Nepal because the number of internet users is increasing day by day. According to Nepal Telecommunications Authority “72 % of the total population uses the internet regularly”, and this number is sure to rise when the new generations will replace the old ones.

People spend quite a significant time on social media channels. We had conducted a sample survey on the use of the Internet in Nepal, which shows people use the Internet for more than 4 hours on average.

Sewatech-blog-digital-marketing-in-nepal- favorite social media image
What is your favorite social media on the basis of the time you spend?

the chart shows peoples’ dependence on the internet has increased significantly in the past years.   

Facebook has on average 1.4 billion daily users worldwide and 8 billion videos on Facebook are viewed daily. Similarly, 1.5 billion, 800 million, and 330 million people are monthly active users on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter respectively. 

We had asked people if they had ever bought something online and the answer is:

Sewatech-blog- digital marketing in nepal-bought-online-image
Have you ever bought something online?

Channels that are used in Nepal

These are basically four main digital marketing channels that are helpful for endorsement of products.

  1. Social media
  2. Search engine
  3. Website positioning
  4. Email marketing

Social Media for digital marketing in Nepal

Social media has become inelienable part of daily life. Internet users use multiple social media platforms. According to our survey, most Internet users in Nepal use Facebook than other platforms. Then, thereafter comes YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat respectively.

The truth about these platforms is that you don’t find all the people on all the platforms, though some use multiple channels. Each channel has its own fan following and users. For example, the Tiktok users are somehow different than LinkedIn users. Instagram and Snapchat are favorites among people below age 30.

Marketers should practice endorsement in the channels that fits the most.

Sewatech-blog-social media-image

Social media platforms that best fit for your ads:    

Among social media platforms, Facebook is the biggest platform in the context of Nepal. To date, there are more than 10 million Facebook users in Nepal. That’s enough number to find your customers on Facebook.

Instagram is a good place to place your ads if your buyers are below 30 years of age and you want to sell products/ services related to the beauty, fashion, or entertainment industry.

 YouTube is the second favorite among Nepali internet users. People search for information either on Google or YouTube. Ads on YouTube can be very effective for different reasons. It gives virtual tours or virtual feelings to your audience.

Search Engine channels for digital marketing

Google is the most prominent search engine channel in Nepal. In addition to it, there are other channels like Microsoft Bing and Baidu. But, most people use Google in Nepal.

Businesses use this channel to drive traffic to their websites and convert them into their customers. Search Engine Marketing is the act of optimizing your website that appears on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Which search engine do you use most?
The answer is Google, Google & YouTube, YouTube

With the growing use of the Internet, people are getting more dependent on it. People use the internet for the research and comparison of products. When people search for your type of products/services on the Google, your post appears before them because you pay for that. You can sell when people know your products. The search engine thus lets people know about your products or services.

Web Positioning

Website positioning of any business is important if it wants to sell more products. It is search engine marketing. You don’t directly pay to Google but work for the SEO part.

There might be several websites selling the same type of products. A business website must be on the top of the search engine result pages to be accessed by more people.

Research says that 100% of Internet users go through the first page of results, only 20% go through the second page. Search engine algorithm can be manipulated through Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization.

Web positioning can be influenced by search engine optimization, SEO-friendly copywriting, appropriate selection of keywords, and many more technical things.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of email in diverting traffic to a website. Advertisers do email marketing for the promotion of new products, services, special discount offers, and sales and downloads of applications.

It’s a cost-saving marketing campaign suitable for generating brand popularity among prospective consumers.

Challenges of digital marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing has certain challenges to face.

  1. It works only in the places where the internet is available. If your target is the people who hardly use the Internet, then it may not work.
  2. Lack of skills and experience. Many businesses jump into digital marketing without understanding how digital channels function. They spend money on advertisement but that’s not giving them enough return. It is better always to consult an expert or agency who holds the necessary experience and skills to handle it.
  3. Expecting so much within a very short span of time. Some digital marketing agencies describe it as a magic wand that can solve any marketing problem. This notion is completely wrong. It takes both strategies and time.
  4. Not to take digital marketing just as a tool. The ultimate thing is the content of the service or the product. If your product is not good, you can make people fool only once.

To conclude, if you are thinking of digital marketing for your business, congratulation you are on the right track. If you already into it, more big congratulations to you.

Businesses have now only two choices: one, to practice digital marketing themselves, and on the other hand, to team up with a digital marketing agency.

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