Benefits of Partnering with the Digital Marketing Agency

While interacting with business owners, typically small business owners here in Nepal, most of them think digital marketing is beyond their capacity. Many think they lack the competency that is needed for digital marketing. Some others think digital marketing is too expensive. Even those interested business owners are found feeling hesitant because they think it is difficult to manage all the nitty-gritty of ad making, i.e. graphic design, photographs, and videos, and, sometimes, the payment process for the search engines and social media platforms. In this situation, partnering with a digital marketing agency is the best way to enhance businesses.

Digital marketing is suitable for almost all types of business. Even a small business can easily afford it. It is easily affordable than traditional face-to-face marketing. A business owner does not require to be an expert in technology to run a digital marketing campaign, nor does he/she have to hire a marketing team. Teaming up with a digital marketing company can be a solution to all these problems. Here we present the reasons for partnering with a digital marketing company: 

Maintaining Budget

Many small businesses cannot manage their own in-house marketing team. The expense for an in-house marketing team often happens to be high, and for small businesses, it is unmanageable. The cost including monthly salary, CIT, PF, benefits, and other allowances would be much higher than the cost that a company has to bear for digital marketing. People have falsely believed that digital marketing is costly and affordable only by big business houses. Digital marketing in reality is much cheaper. You can run your business advertisement campaign according to your budget and the nature of your business. You can choose your targeted audience and send your advertisements on their mobile and desktop screens.

Printing pamphlets and posters and distributing them hand to hand could cost extra expenses. Moreover, people can not interact with you with these materials. No interaction means low conversion rates. Digital marketing gives you platforms to interact and convert your audience into your customers. When the expenses and ROI are calculated, digital marketing is much cheaper than other forms of marketing. Partnering with a digital marketing agency gives you more. It saves more money as all the marketing tools are provided in a package. While teaming up with an agency, you don’t have to pay separately to the graphic designer, photographer, content writer, and other professionals. The agency prepares and publishes your advertisement when the deal is made.

It’s the business owner who, at last, decides how much to spend on advertisement. Facebook and Google give us a wide range of advertisement costs starting from $ 1. The aggression of your ad campaign depends on the nature of your business. A digital marketing agency helps you to pick suitable advertisements for your business. 

Experience and Expertise 

I have seen many advertisements on social media that do not fit their business. Choosing social media ads naively sometimes works, but often it is just a waste of money and time because it is unlikely to generate better ROI. Another slipup that people make while creating their advertising posts is poor graphic design. Color theme, appropriate content, suitable image, and image size are considered all-important when your ad post interacts with targeted people. These small things may not count in your business, but it matters while advertising. Your ad must match your customers’ psychology. A digital marketing company can easily solve these problems. What matters in digital marketing is experience and expertise.

A digital marketing agency consists of people with different sets of skills, a minimum of one or two graphic designers, an art designer, a content expert, a marketing specialist, a photographer, and a motion graphic designer. They are not the only expert in their respective field but also carry vast experience in what they are doing. This is sure to make your ad campaign impressive and impactful. 


Entrusting a team of experts releases you from the itty-bitty matters of advertisement. You can entirely focus on what you are doing. You do what you are best at and assign the marketing work to an agency. Being in your core job, you can generate more productivity, and at the same time, the marketing experts will give their 100 % to your business.

An ad can create more conversions and sales if only it looks professional, convincing, and credible. Teaming up with a digital marketing agency can add all these elements to the advertising posts leading to better conversion rates and sales of the products/services, and, finally, resulting in better ROI.  

Optimization of Website 

Running ads on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin) and search engine (Google) is the practice of direct marketing. It is best used for instant increase in sales. There are some businesses that need to present with their customers throughout the year. Their website plays a vital role in communication, but if only it is optimized. Companies that maintain and update their website and write blogs on regular basis can attract more customers. Partnering with a digital marketing team can help you optimize the website. They provide you content on regular basis and update the website according to the latest trend and make it appear fashionable. 

A digital marketing agency often provides other IT services like web design, software development, mobile apps development, and blog writing. Many business houses and institutions in Nepal still lack their business website. Teaming up with a digital marketing agency can offer you all these benefits as the whole package. It can also redesign your website if it looks outdated and passe. Your collaboration with the right digital team can help you optimize your website, grow IT knowledge, and eventually grow your business. 

Flexibility and Wide Range of Options   

Your business may not require running an ad campaign every day of the year. Suppose you want to run an awareness ad campaign. For that, you do not require to publish your ads every day. In that can it is absolutely not necessary for your business to hire marketing people. Find a digital marketing company that optimizes your website; advertises your advertisement; gives you a report, and helps in making future plans. Work with a company that is flexible and charges you only when they work for you.

A digital marketing agency gives you a wide range of options. You can run just a single ad campaign, choose the suitable ad among many, or assign the whole package for a year. You will pay them only when they work. Besides that, you can easily disconnect from one agency and start with the other one that gives better services. 

Business houses, whether it is personal or run on a tight budget, can team up with a digital marketing company and make maximum use of it. Bring your business on the internet and see the result.